• Agro Technic Pte Ltd

    The products of being in the field for 30 years. The leading supplier dedicated to providing public health and plant care industries.

  • Thermal Fog Generators

    Produce a dense insecticide fog, which will take immediate action with the right active ingredient and it destroys both flying and crawling insects.

  • Water Based Fogger

    Knowing that fogging is not just simple 'quick-fixed' method but an essential tool to integrate into your pest management.

  • ULV Fogger

    Highly versatile and ideal equipment for the application of insecticides, disinfectants and deodorants.

  • Cifarelli Mist Blower

    Cifarelli’s blowers have been chosen by professionals all over the world to satisfy their cleaning and picking needs

  • Sprayers

    Experience the extraordinary toughness, Engineer for the professional

  • U40 HD-M

    Agrofog's largest engine driven unit. This super-sized monster has a 75L solution tank made of stainless steel.

  • AF95

    With a tank capacity of 60L, maximum flow rate of 100l/h, German design and engineering

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