Everywhere humans are gathering, always different germs clash together. Every human carries germs, which can be transmitted in different ways, i.e. droplet infection/contact infection. Generally this does not represent a special risk for healthy persons. If health is already weak due to other influences or if it concerns older persons and/or children, even an actual harmless infection can cause severe health impairments. Thereby heavy infections can spread extremely rapid. More and more epidemic or pandemic diseases are reported in media, i.e. caused by different influenza – SARS or the Bird Flu.

Thus an effective hygiene management gets more and more important in all ranges, in which increased infection risk exists. These are places where every day, many people come together i.e. public transports, food processing and handling (restaurants, large-scale catering facilities, etc.) and the places, where particularly jeopardized category of persons stay (hospitals, homes for the old people, schools/kindergartens, etc.).

The kind of disinfection depends on the way of infection of the pathogenic agent which has to be controlled.
Whereas pathogenic agents spreading by contact of infected persons and/or contaminated surfaces (contact infection) usually can be controlled by thorough disinfection of the hands and surfaces. But those spread over the air (droplet infection) or particularly in sensitive areas, i.e. surgery a large-scale treatment is necessary. Fogging technology offers an effective possibility, both, air- and surface disinfection. Hereby the liquid is divided into minute droplets and fills up the whole space with disinfection solution. Even difficulty accessible areas will be reached. The active agent unfolds its maximum effect, since the fog remains airborne over a long time and falls down slowly. Depending upon the space conditions and kind of the disinfectant used, IGEBA cold fog generators, i.e. Nebulo and Thermal Fog Generators, i.e. the IGEBA TF 35 can be applied.

Water-based solutions

Fogging of water-based solutions differ from oil formulations regarding droplet spectrum. Fogging of aqueous solutions produces a wet fog, whose droplets are clearly larger than VMD 10 microns. (VMD = Volume Median Diameter).That means that the droplet spectrum is larger compared to the droplet size of oil based solutions. Fog of water-based solutions, virtually is less visible, however has no influence on the efficacy. Finer droplets can be achieved using smaller dosage nozzles whereby the output quantity is reduced likewise.

IGEBA offers for Thermal Fog Generators special fog tubes for water as carrier. The special fog tube improves substantially droplet spectrum of water-based solutions. Addition of carrier, i.e. IGEBA NEBOL improves droplet spectrum additionally and droplets remain airborne for longer time. The visibility of the fog is increased, too.

The application of disinfectants from organic acids requires special application technology. IGEBA Fog Generators are available in acid resistant execution.

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Everywhere humans are gathering, always different germs clash together. Every
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