It is possible to achieve an effective coverage of the plants with 1 to 20 l of active solution per 1000 m2, taking into account the plants being treated.

When fogging the liquid is not dispersed directly on the plants, but distributed as a fine spray in the air space over the plant. The fine droplets remain for a long time airborne, than sediment and produce coverage over the plants.

Fogging should be used mainly as a preventive measure, i.e. to control fungus and/or insects to be controlled accordingly.

Fog Generators play an important role for operator security. It is very advantageous in time saving and labour costs. Particularly the ULV Aerosol Generators with time control systems are used, i.e. in night time and/or after work, especially when no workers are in the greenhouses. The reduction of the required solution quantity in relation to the surface which can be treated has substantial advantage compared to conventional spraying.



Any conventional insecticide, acaricide or fungicide emulsion concentrates (EC's) or
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Dosing List

This chart made out using experiences of professionals, based on
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