Thermal Fogger - Agrofog AF 35 - Thermal Fog Generator Handheld

Agrofog AF 35 – Thermal Fogger

Handheld Thermal Fogging Machine
Carrier for Thermal Fogging Applications

The Masterpiece

Made of stainless steel, its material contributes to lightweight feature for handheld fogging applications. These are the essential quality conception for reliability in daily application and durability of the equipment. The AF 35 is the very first unit which was equipped with our unique ignition system without spark plug for perfect start-up characteristics and least maintenance. The standard version is equipped with a 5,7 l stainless steel solution tank which accessories include the various dosage nozzles, tool bag, spare parts, funnels etc.  These features made AF 35 the leading choice in thermal fogging application for the past 25 years. There is also an option for a 10 l capacity model.

What is Thermal Fogging ?

Thermal Fogging also known as space spraying is the elimination of flying pests. It is the use of specialized insecticides through airborne contact. There is inadequate public health education on source reduction methods of vector control. Hence source reduction strategies are limited. It is often insufficient in reducing the consequences. Eventually leading to more sufferings and even deaths from vector borne diseases.

Therefore thermal fogging and aerosol application equipment are specifically designed and constructed for space treatment. Throughout the years, this is a proven method in combating flying and crawling insects. These application methods have proven their effectiveness in vector control programs over the years.


  1. Its ease of operation and maintenance contributes to the durability of this classic piece of engineering.
  2. Removing spark plug from its design had lessened the amount of maintenance required.
  3. Accuracy in balancing the air to fuel ratio for the combustion process within the carburetor allows for ease of starting the equipment as well as the safety in its operation.
  4. Unlike other thermal fog generators, the precise German engineered design positioned the solution injection point at the end of the fog tube, where the temperature of fog discharge is close to ambient thus preserving the integrity of active ingredients. This precise design lowers the possibilities of flaming issues and also eases the maintenance process by reducing the carbon buildup in the resonator.
  5. With the newly improved dual purpose (patented) fog tube technology, the operators can easily switch between water and oil based formulations without the need to change fog tube.
  6. There is also an available option for the pneumatic auto cut-off device which increases the safety for the operator.

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