Thermal Fogging – Agrofog EVO 35 – Fogging Machine

Thermal Fogging Machine EVO 35 – Thermal Fog Generator – Handheld Fogger


Carrier for Fogging Applications

EVO 35 is a thermal fogger designed for different fields of application, indoors or outdoors. This unit can be used with all common pesticides and disinfectants.
A convincing cost-effective Thermal Fog Generator for multipurpose applications.

  • Vector & pest control, disinfection, public health
  • Plant protection, stored products control, bird control

The performance of the combustion chamber of 25, 4 HP enables output quantities up to 42l/h (oil). Even water based solutions can be applied at its best.


  • Fuel tank made from stainless steel
  • Fog tube made from stainless steel
  • Air pump made from stainless steel
  • New carburator layout, for easy maintenance, made from aluminium
  • Solution tank from HD-PE
  • For water and oil based formulations

Oil based formulations are applied with the standard fog tube. A special “W” fog tube for water based formulations is available.


Recommended Accessories

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