Our years of tenure in the industry allowed us to hone and develop expertise in the fields of pest control as a leading manufacturer & supplier for equipment and chemicals. Regardless in public health vector control, professional pest control to even plant protection. With our richness in knowledge and experience, we are able to put forth customized solutions that have proven to be highly effective in meeting our customers’ needs.

At AGRO TECHNIC, we believe that the efficacy of our machinery and chemicals speak for themselves. Not to play second-fiddle, our on-site and backup services are also strong complimentary arms that have made us the main provider of thermal fogging, ULV fogging and sprayer technologies.

Through the years, AGRO TECHNIC has evolved to become a synonym for high quality products, top-notch innovation and unrivaled customer service in the business. We view the development of best solutions for your everyday public healthcare problems as an exciting commitment, a driving force that spears us towards betterment.

Always undaunted in our strive for perfection, always putting our customers first and always stressing on the importance of quality products. This is the AGRO TECHNIC that the industry has come to revere; this is the AGRO TECHNIC that’s currently at your service.

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Pest control is used to manage and eliminate pests. Designed to help decrease and suppress pest levels, Pro Active Pest Management utilizes environmentally safe pesticides that help control, prevent and eliminate both household and structural pests. Pest management remains as an essential measure to create a good living environment for all. This important task of pest control lies in the hands of everyone. Regardless if you are a country, state, corporation, division, home-owner and even individual.


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