Pest Control

AGRO TECHNIC PTE LTD is delighted to announce the achievement of attaining ISO 9001:2000 standard. Following our recent assessment , Agrofog has successfully achieved the ISO 9001 Certification. An international benchmark standard for Quality.


AGRO TECHNIC PTE LTD ; Managing Director Mr Frederick Heng and General Manager Mr Heng Yi Wei is honored with 2010 Successful Entrepreneur Award. This award gives due recognition to organisations and individuals for demonstrating outstanding entrepreneurial performance of their talents at various levels and setting standards with achievements.

Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Acts are to reduce risks at source, increase industry stakeholders’ ownership and focus on achieving good WSH outcomes and systems rather than complying with prescriptive requirements. AGRO TECHNIC PTE LTD  has also attained bizSAFE Level 3 Certification.

To read more on outbreaks, please visit the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION website

Pest Control Products

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