X-10 a liquid additive carrier is an auxiliary product used in the preparation of water soluble (Emulsifiable Concentrate), and water suspendable pesticides for various application techniques. It allows a thin observable fog to be formed when engaging in water-base thermal/cold fogging. It also allows the pesticide to further dissipate into smaller droplets that allow for greater suspension, further penetration and greater efficacy. Furthermore, it is non-flammable, leaves no carbon residue and hence cleans the fog tube and resonator when use during fogging.


  • Determine the quantity of pesticides required for treatment
  • Mix the calculated pesticides with the required amount of water (fogging mixture)
  • X-10 is an additive that will then make up 10% of this fogging mixture to be used (i.e. Average Dosage: 10% X-10 + 90% water and insecticide). Stir continuously and transfer to the solution tank using a funnel with strainer.
  • Though X-10 leaves no carbon residue, we recommend cleaning the nozzles, conduits, fog tap and solution tank with water or oil to ensure proper maintenance of the machine.