Phantom Pressurized Insecticide

• New formulation dries in “ crystals” for enhanced bioavailability and faster performance on numerous substrates (porous, non-porous and high organic matter)
• Ready-to-use formulation reduces overuse and eliminates mixing
• Broad spectrum control for commercial accounts, including bed bugs, ants and cockroaches
• Approved for food handling uses
• Leaves no visible residue
• Reduced pesticide load and precision application that make sense to your customers and for your business
• System III Compatible
• Offers long-lasting undetectable control
• The only undetectable, non-IGR labeled for indoor general pest control including commercial food handling areas
• Creates an undetectable treatment zone that pests continue to contact
• Will not disperse or “lock in” pests
• Pests are exposed to the active ingredients either by ingestion or contact
• Remains highly effective in high organic matter substrates and is not subject to rapid breakdown with detergents and cleansing agents
• Effective on pyrethroid-resistant strains of bed bugs and cockroaches