STORM® SECURE  is a potent second generation anti-coagulant rodenticide which is highly effective againist rats and mice, including strains resistant to other rodenticides. When STORM® SECURE is fixed in the bait boxes, on nails or tied with wire, rodents cannot remove or hoard thr blocks, and domestic animals are less likely to come into contact with the products.

The active ingredient of STORM® SECURE contains 0.005% w/w flocoumafen.

STORM® SECURE incorporates these outstanding benefits:


  • Highly potent; single feed kills
  • Read-to-use wax block with excellent palatability
  • Taste deterrent for reduced palatability to non -tagert animals
  • Faster readication than other rodenticides
  • Cost effective, single feed rodenticide
  • Insect-proof, mould proof and weather proof
  • Simple to use; no mixing or losse granules involved and no pre-baiting required
  • Blue is a non-food colour; blue blocks are less attractive to non-target species
  • Effective against warfarin-resistant strains


Application Technique


  1. Select suitable bait locations such as active rat holes, along rat runs and under rubbish. Try to establish a barrier of bait location between living and feeding areas.
  2. Place 12 STORM® Secure Baits at each bait location and 4 in each rat hole. Inspect the bait locations after 3 days and select new locations where there has been no take of the bait. Inspect again after 4 days and replace any blocks which have been eaten.
  3. Repeat the inspection of all bait locations at 7-day intervals, replacing fresh blocks only when blocks have been eaten and until all signs of rat activity have disappeared. Normally only 3 to 4 baiting rounds (pulses) are required.


  1. Mice have very limited home ranges and do not need to drink. They are more difficult to control than rats because their feeding patterns are more erratic. Selection of bait locations is therefore even more important than for rats.
  2. Place 4 STORM® Baits 2 metres apart in areas where activity is obvious, particularly where droppings are seen. In domestic premises, place 4 blocks in sheltered positions, inaccessible to children and pets and where mice are active such as under flooring, inside ceiling cavities, along pipe runs, behind skirting boards, furniture and appliances.
  3. Inspect bait locations and replace blocks as for rats until all signs of mouse activity have disappeared.