Premise 200SC

A revolutionary solution

Introduce yourself to Premise 200SC Insecticide, the innovative termiticide from Bayer that more and more pest control operators are recommending. The unique chemistry makes it an effective, low-risk choice for termite control. By spreading throughout the soil, Premise 200SC provides a complete treated zone around your house against intruding termites – a feature we call Lateral Soil Movement.

Premise 200SC – a termicide that allows

  • termites to be killed in the treated zone
  • moves beyond contact and repellant termiticides
  • a new termite control technology – premise plus nature.


IMPORTANT NOTE : The above chemicals (Imidacloprid) are controlled as hazardous substances under the Environmental Protection and Management Act. All pest control operators are required to apply for a Hazardous Substances Licence or Permit for the purchase and usage of these controlled hazardous substances. You may refer to the web page on hazardous substances control for more information.