Premise Cockroach Bait

Throughout most of the modern pest control era, the main weapon for the PCO has been the spray. Since the advent of synthetic chemicals for pest control, liquid sprays have overwhelmingly been the tool of choice for PCOs.

However, cockroach control has fundamentally changed with the introduction of cockroach gel bait. Baiting today has been revolutionised by the introduction of Premise cockroach bait. In addition, Premise cockroach bait allows highly targeted application, close to the target population. Only small amount of active ingredient needs to be applied to achieve a good result, which is better for the PCO, better for the client and better for the environment.


Premise cockroach bait is a white gel, toothpaste-like, in appearance. Once applied to surfaces the bait spots (placements) maintain their shape and do not run, even in very warm locations. Over several weeks the gel placements may develop a “skin”, but they still remain soft and attractive to cockroaches.


Premise cockroach bait can be applied directly to cockroach harbourages especially cracks and crevices.

Situations for use

Premise cockroach bait is formulated for use in conventional bait guns or syringes as a spot and/or crack and crevice application. It can be used indoors or outdoors in almost any situation such as residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, including food handling facilities, as well as in transport vehicles, such as aircraft. It can also be applied at farms within animal housing areas.