Q Bayt WG 10 formerly known as Quick Bayt

For Fly Control
Why Control Flies?

  • Unhygienic – flies contaminates feed and foodstuffs.
  • Hazardous – flies transmit disease pathogens.
  • Irritating – flies irritate man and animals.


Contains a bittering agent that prevents non-target animals and human from ingesting the product.

Housefly General Facts

  • Live in close association with man.
  • Habits of visiting, feeding and breeding on filth.
  • Usually remains near breeding places.
  • At night, prefers to rest outdoors and under cover.
  • Life cycle undergoes complete metamorphosis stages of eggs, larva, pupa and adult.
  • In the tropics (around 30°C) life cycle takes 8-10 days.
  • Adult lays about 100-150 eggs per oviposition during lifetime.
  • Gravid females are attracted to decaying organic odors of breeding sites.