ALTRISET Termiticide

There was a hole in the termite control industry. We have filled it.

  • Rapid stop feeding mechanism
  • Eliminated termites from structures within 90 days
  • Long term protection
  • Outstanding termite colony transfer properties
  • Exempt from poison scheduling

No other termite product can offer all these features. With world-class performance and a favourable safety and
environmental profile, ALTRISET is the solution the termite industry has been waiting for.

This brochure will provide you with the science behind the greatest innovation in termite control in Australia in over 10 years.
Laboratory and field study results prove ALTRISET stops termites feeding within hours, while delayed mortality allows increased termiticide transfer to provide complete termite elimination, critical to long term structural protection. This is reassuring as no further structural damage will occur and the source of the problem is removed. Even better, the physical/chemical properties of ALTRISET enable it to remain in the soil for an extended period, providing years of continuous protection.

ALTRISET is also the only liquid termiticide that has been exempt from poison scheduling by the Australian regulatory authorities making it the
ideal product for use indoors and subfloors.

ALTRISET has achieved Green Mark 4 Ticks.
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What makes ALTRISET different?

The class of chemistry to which chlorantraniliprole (the active ingredient in ALTRISET) belongs was inspired by the insecticidal properties of a natural substance found in the trees and shrubs of the Ryania spp. It targets the insect muscles (other liquid termiticides affect the nervous system)

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