OPTIGARD® Cockroach Bait

Optigard® at a glance

Make the cockroaches disappear. When customers call about a cockroach problem, that’s all they want. An effective cockroach control programme can be achieved with integrated pest management approaches. Optigard® Cockroach Bait from Syngenta offers pest control managers additional tool to control cockroaches effectively.

Optigard® Cockroach Bait has little to no odour and won’t stain treated surface. The consistency of the formulation matrix is designed to hold its shape after application and resist degradation due to high temperatures.

Its active ingredient, emamectin benzoate, is the advanced generation derivative of avermectin, a unique active ingredient not found in other cockroach baits. Emamectin has a dual mode of action that helps reduce the potential for resistance.

Optigard® Cockroach Bait is a non-repellent chemistry that is highly active against a wide range of pest cockroach species, including bait averse strains. Studies show Optigard® Cockroach Bait retains its palatability for than two full weeks after baiting.

Mode of Action:

The active ingredient in Optigard® Cockroach Bait, emamectin benzoate, stimulates the release of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the insect, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, leading to paralysis and death.

Cockroaches are attracted to the highly palatable bait matrix, which, on consumption delivers an insecticidal dose of emamectin benzoate. Cockroaches that feed on the bait will return to their harborage where the active ingredient may be passed to other cockroaches, including nymphs that do not actively forage for food. Thus a lager number of cockroaches than those originally feeding on the bait are controlled.