CRI CRI Model 308E

This is the most powerful insect killer in the professional range.


The extremely sturdy construction guarantees long life even in the most difficult environments. The product is covered by a full 2-year warranty from MO-EL, excluding the lamps, which need to be replaced annually.


Supplied with two powerful 40W UV-A lamps, the model generates a total power output of 80W and an operational range of about 12-18 metres. The lampholders are watertight so as to guarantee perfect operation even in conditions of excessive humidity, rain, dust, or steam.


Conceived for maximum hygiene and safety, this model has class IPX 4 IMQ approval.

Technical Specifications


Dimensions in mm 685 x 200 x 380 mm (H)
Weight 8.6 kg
Input Voltage 230V/50Hz
Output Voltage 5000V
Total Power Consumption 95W
UV-A lamps 2 x 40W
Duration of lamps 2000 h
Standard Accessories Small fixing chain
Standard of protection against water IPX4
Insulation Class