This electrical appliance was made in compliance with HACCP Directive Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (CE 93/43-96/3-LD 155/97). The special UV-A lamps are positioned so as to attract all flying insects towards the appliance. When the insects approach, the become stuck to the adhesive paper which is supplied as a replacement item. This system allows the control and elimination of all flying insects in the surrounding area.


MO-Butterfly is made completely from aluminium and therefore designed for use in areas of food production. The adhesive paper is replaced in seconds allowing for easy and swift cleaning. The equipment can be installed on a front wall, back wall or on the ceiling.


Two high output UV-A lamps are supplied with a combined power rating of 30W and an operating range about 10-12 metres.


The electrical part of the unit including the actinic UV lamps is completely insulated and protected by an unbreakable transparent cover to ensure maximum safety and maximum care for hygienic and sanitary standards. IP65 protection rating.


Technical Specifications


Dimensions in mm 112 x 435 x 400 mm (H)
Weight 2.5 kg
Voltage rating 230V/50Hz
Total Power Consumption 40W
UV-A lamps 2 x 15W
Material Aluminium-PMMA
Effective Range 10-12 metres
Protection level IP65
Adhesive paper supply 34.5 x 17 cm