MO-STICK Model 372

Produced specifically for large business areas needing the greatest environmental hygiene.


The product is made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, welded and treated for use in food preparation areas. To ensure it is entirely impermeable to water, dust and steam the model is supplied with watertight lamp holders, rubber cable and plug with watertight cable carrier, and a seal between body and cover. MO-STICK is a trap which enables monitoring of captured insects and also can be used in environments that have slightly inflammable atmospheres, such as sugar refineries and wine shops. Extremely easy to clean by applying a jet of water and replacing the adhesive papers. The clean, stylish design makes it decorative, silent and discreet object that hides the insects from view. MO-STICK can be hung from the ceiling with 2 practical small chains, fixed to the wall or simply stood in place.


The 2 powerful 40W UV-A lamps mounted on the watertight lampholder are supplied with a shatterproof sheath for protection of the tube: should the glass break, it does not get scattered, and the phosphides in the lamp do not escape. The sheath is totally transparent to UV-A rays.


The model is IMQ approved, has IP65 protection rating and complies with CE standards.

Technical Specifications


Dimensions in mm 655 x 390 x 235 mm (H)
Weight 8.8 kg
Voltage rating 230V/50Hz
Total Power Consumption 95W
UV-A lamps 2 x 40W shatterproof
Duration of lamps 2000 h
Power Cable Neoprene
Protection level IP65
Standard Accessories Small chain – adhesive paper