Constant Flow Valve (CFValve)

The CF valve provides a constant pressure at the nozzle which allows the output to remain consistent during the entire application. This also ensures that the droplet spectrum does not change, thus creating an optimal application of pesticides at constant flow.
Another major advantage of spraying at low pressure fixed at 1.5bar is the ability to emit a much lower volume in fine droplets smaller than 100microns. Hence the risk of inhalation is greatly reduced as compared to spraying at a pressure of 4 bars. This CF Valve will also nullify the problems faced by operators when pressure drops as spraying is being carried out, resulting in larger droplet size, weaker output and dripping. The constant flow rate increases accuracy in calculation and efficacy in usage of chemical during application, which converts into savings in time and cost for the operator.


  • Ensure consistent pressure at nozzle fixed at 1.5bar
  • Nullify problems faced when spraying at low pressure
  • Reduced risk of inhalation due to emission of spray at much lower volume