Insecticide Dust Applicator

This equipment is essential for use with termiticides in the powder form. The Agrofog Insecticide Dust Applicator can deliver the powder effectively to termite colonies, as well as bait stations. This will allow a greater termite attrition rate as the powder will be made fine and delivered with a wide coverage.

Regardless of the termiticide used, it is of paramount importance that it is not contaminated with dust or other particles that will affect the efficacy of the puffer. This puffer has been engineered to minimise the contamination of the of the termiticide by foreign particles, and also to maximise the airflow such that the termiticides will have a larger impact on the termite colony.

The Agrofog Insecticide Dust Applicator also comes with a handy accessory bag, not only for ease of carrying the equipment that you will need for any termite treatment, but also to enhance your professional image as a pest control specialist!