Wasp Protective Suitehr-eqo-wasp-suit

Wasp Protective Suit provides effective and comfortable protection against stings from bees, wasps and hornets.

1. Head: Made from glass fiber and an adjustable chin strap inside
2. Face: Made of P.C at an angle of 360° Hard-Coating outside and Anti-Fog Coating inside
3. Wasp Protective Suit is composed of three-layer fabrics.
First layer: Special machining nylon(prevent bees from sticking on the suits)
Second layer: PVC nylon Coating Fabric (protection against stings)
Third layer: Polyester Mesh (light, comfortable, cool and breathable)
4. Wasp Protective Glove is composed of four-layer fabrics. Special fabric between
leather prohibit sting. A good fit for use in a long time without discomfort.
5. Wrist Armors keep the jacket staying put when arms are lifted and make no room
with gloves.
6. Two-layer bands on ankles prevent bees from getting into the pants.

– Color: White (One Color)
Light Gray (Glove)
– Material: Machining Nylon,
PVC-Coating Nylon,
Polyester Mesh,
Polycarbonate (Helmet),
Leather (Glove)
– Size: Free Size
1 x Helmet
1 x Face Part
1 x Jacket
1 x Pants
1 x Gloves
1 x Keeping Bag
1 x Insurance security
1 x Instruction Guide