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pesticide sprayer 5l

Pesticide Sprayer – 5L

The pesticide sprayer pump cylinder is made of stainless steel. Unlike other non-check valves made of rubber, Agrofog’s brass CNC engineered valve prevents corrosion and reduces valve’s contact with chemical. This unique design increases the ease of pressurizing the sprayer. An incorporation of a pressure release valve prevents the unit from over pressurizing.

The spray lance’s unique non-drip feature has a built-in cord, running from the trigger to the nozzle end, enabling a total cut-off of the chemical solution at the multi jet nozzle. The newly designed sealing plate also eliminates the need for any adjustment on the trigger valve. Specially designed and built according to WHO specifications, the hose is made detachable with a hose clamp for the operator to perform emergency troubleshoot if required. The multi jet nozzle also provides 4 choices of spray pattern without the need of changing nozzles.

Technical Specifications (5L)

Capacity 5 Litres
Total Tank Volume 6.85 Litres
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Max. Working Pressure 4.5 bar
Safety Valve 4 bar
Pressure Gauge 0-10 bar, 0-150psi
Pump Cylinder Brass
Trigger Valve Brass
Spray Hose 120 cm
Spray Lance 50 cm, Brass
Carrying Strap Double Shoulder Strap
Dimensions H44 cm x 17 cm (dia)
Carton Dimensions W21 xH57 x L21 (cm)
NetWeight 3.85 kg
Goss Weight 4.3 kg


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Pesticide Spraying

pesticide sprayer, pest spraying, pesticide sprayer, pesticides spraying equipment, pest control sprayer, garden sprayer, agriculture sprayer, pesticide spraying, pest control equipment, no doubt that agrofog pesticide sprayer, stainless steel sprayer is one of the most demanded spraying equipment around. Its non drip spray lance is equipped with a multi jet nozzle that allows user to change between 4 spray patterns. Not only does it saves user time but also cost of the chemical used in this process