ULV Aerosol Generator Unipro 5

ULV Unipro is equipped with a 230 V A/C asynchronous motor. This motor is encapsulated and maintenance-free, and so is the blower. This is particularly important when acid based solutions are applied and the unit remains in the room, since absorbing loaded air does not damage the motor. The machine can be used nearly everywhere and through the self-running operation and possibilities of time-controlled operations, no supervision is required, leading to greater operator safety and heightened efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Weight in kg, approx 56
Dimension LxWxH 59 x 57 x 116
Engine (kW) 1.5
Main Voltage (V) 230
Drive 1V belt
Blower Discharge Rate (m³/min) 0,1
Pressure (bar) 0.22
Control System On/Off Push Button
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 20
Output of Water (l/h) 10 (dosage nozzle 0.8), 14 (dosage nozzle 1.0)
Droplet Spectrum (microns)