pest control equipment thermal fogger af65 tn
pest control equipment thermal fogger af65

Pest Control Equipment



High-performance Fog Generator

AF 65 is an universal high-performance for generator. Whether stationary in closed spaces or mounted on vehicles for outdoor applications, the AF65 is for every demand.

This unit is designed for the use with all common insecticides and disinfectants for vector and pest control, disinfection and stored products control. etc.

50 HP power, enable output quantities up to 75 1/h (oil) and effective treatments in- and outdoors. Even water based solutions can be applied at its best. It is a cost-effective high-performance thermal fog generator for multi-purpose applications.


  • Fuel tank made from stainless steel
  • Fog tube made from stainless steel
  • Air pump made from stainless steel
  • New carborator layout
  • Solution tank from HO-PE with quick coupling system
  • Standard TF 65 is equipped with a pneumatic/mechanic solution emergency cut-off device
  • For water and oil based formulations
  • Optionally a special acid resistant execution for the application with aggressive disinfectants is available


AF 65 applies oil based formulations with the standard fog tube.

A special “W” fog tube for water based formulations is available.

Various executions for individual demands available. Ask for more details



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Sprayer Equipment known as Pest Sprayer is for managing pest. From Pest Control Equipment to Pest Control Supplies like Fogging Machine for Fogging. Thermal Fogger is used for Thermal Fogging. Thermal Fog Generator. ulv fogging. ULV Fogger. cold fogging. cold fogger. ulv. space spraying. igeba. vectorfog. iccfoggers. nixalite. sun-beltusa. stainless steel sprayer. pest control products. Pesticide Sprayer. Pesticide spraying. Malaysia. Indonesia. Thailand. Vietnam. Cambodia. Myammar. India. Korea. Japan. Taiwan. Hongkong. For those who are not sure what pest control is, feel free to call and enquire with Agrofog. Thermal and cold foggers are different type of devices that are used for the same purpose, to get rid and control insects. Besides this each type of fogger can be used for multiple other purposes such as fighting mold, getting rid of unpleasant odors and controlling different type of insects and pests. In this article we are going to look at advantages and disadvantage of both thermal and cold foggers. Thick, visible fog. One of the major advantages of thermal foggers is the look of fog. As thermal foggers use heat to vaporize the fogging solution, it forms a cloud of thick fog in white to grey color. In comparison, ULV foggers that use cold fogging techniques produce practically invisible fog.