thermal fog generator af95
thermal fog generator af95

Thermal Fog Generator



Carrier for Fogging Applications

The universal High-Performance Thermal Fog Generator

Thermal fog generator – Whether stationary in closed spaces or mounted on vehicles for outdoor applications, the AF 95-HD is a high-performance fog generator for every demand. Reasonable and efficient!
50 HP real power, enable output quantities up to 100 l/h (oil) and effective penetration of the fog in closed spaces. Even pure water can be applied with 40 l/h. All models feature a 60 l solution tank made from stainless steel.

The model AF 95-HD is the professional solution, when the unit has to be mounted on a vehicle. This unit features a remote control system enabling to operate the unit from the inside of the driver cabin. The unit includes an electric start system for controlling starting and fogging through the remote control.

All models of the AF 95-HD series are designed according our patented carburettor/resonator adoption (Pat. DE3 225 933). The models AF 95-HD and AF 95-HD include an automatic solution cut-off-device for more operation security.


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